Presenting Brisk – Boulevard 119 Sofa Set purely meant for an elegant look . The details on the fabric enhances the interiors of the living room of any shade. Soft padding adds up to comfort for long seating. The cushy fabric turns the mood delightful.


Langley Home Furnishings is a furnishing store which deals in high-end luxury customizable furniture especially for Canada and customers across the globe. We provide all types of home furniture designs which are handcrafted to perfection. Our experienced carpenters make customizable furniture for their customers who are looking for elegance and luxury. We offer a complete variety of furniture with outstanding designs made with your choice of materials.

We are one of the best home furnishing store dealing in a complete range of home furniture since (add the year). Our motto is to provide you best quality furnishing materials which will upgrade your home inter design. Also, we believe in delivering the perfect piece of furniture every time you order anywhere you want.

We showcase selected handcrafted furniture pieces carpentered to perfection from finest quality fabrics and materials. We provide luxury home furnishing pieces in reasonable prices which not only goes well with your interior taste but also up to date with latest interior trends.

Langley home furnishing produces remarkable luxury furniture pieces with various style ranges to choose from such as neo classic, modern, classic etc. we provide high-quality furniture pieces for all the spaces of your house such as kitchen, bedroom, dining room, living room including the tiny home décor details and accessories. We deliver furniture to your doorsteps and ship all over the world with installation services in selected areas

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